Be A Kid, Suomenlinna, Finland

Be a Kid

Children always think that they are powerful to win and overcome any problems.

Or have adults already understood the cruelty of reality and accepted their incompetence in such problems?

To make a dream come true, we must have the children’s minds.

Photo@Suomenlinna Island Finland July 2015

On the trip to Suomenlinna Island (A fortress) in Finland, there were old and young visitors on board and some solo travelers like me.

Walking along the road by the shore to the fortress entrance, I kept taking photos of the seaside scenery.

A little girl suddenly rushed into my camera scene and “took on her foes alone” – the seagulls!

The seagulls were scaled by her and flew away, while the little girl picked up the pebbles, chased them, and then shouted at the seagulls who were “running away”! I took a such cute photo of her!