Link to memory, propeller plane, Berlin, Germany, Gdańsk, Poland

Link to memory

People without today and tomorrow can only live in the memories of others.

Things associated with them, which recorded the proof of their existence, will also be disappeared, forgotten, and abandoned one by one over time.

Those who have been accomplished can only continue that accomplishment to connect them to today and tomorrow.

Photo@ Flight from Berlin, Germany, to Gdańsk, Poland 2015

When I knew that I was going to board a propeller plane, I felt excited and scared.

During the one-hour flight, watching the propellers turn while watching the scene on the ground change.

It felt like going back decades, not long after the invention of the airplane.

And then developed into the era of civil aviation.

And then developed the jet.

And then developed space shuttle.

And then?

Boarding on this propeller plane is like combing me through the present and the past.

The sound of the propeller is like recounting the contributions and sacrifices of people in the past.

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