Moment of Leaving, Moscow Station, St Peterburg, Russia

Moment of Leaving

There is always a tear in parting. The train left. It cannot be stopped.

You can only stand on the platform and see someone off.

[email protected] Московский вокзал (Moscow Station), St Petersburg, Russia

I saw this scene in the train’s corridor from St. Peterburg to Moscow, where I started my journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

I saw a couple saying goodbye to a child on the train, and the child looked at his parents.

I could not see the tears in the children’s eyes or the mother’s face.

But I could see the child holding the handle with both hands. He seemed to rush into his mother’s arms.

I saw his mother suddenly resting her head on her husband’s shoulder, and she seemed to burst into tears.

The railway took away the beloved, but not the missing.

The same scene appears in different places every day.