Relax to be easy

Relax to be easy

When you are full of doubts about yourself, the road will feel difficult to walk.

Try to relax, the road can be very straight afterward.

Photo@Saint-Malo France July 2014

The second time I had my solo trip, and the first day I traveled to France.

After taking the train from Rennes to Saint-Malo station.

At that time, I was relatively nervous as I had little experience in solo travel, and I didn’t know what the French were like.

I stepped out of the station tremblingly and stood at the front door looking at the city map shown at the station.

I didn’t buy a phone card at that time, so there was no internet coverage after I left the hotel.

Just after arriving at Saint-Malo Station, I didn’t have a map in hand, and I had to go to the tourist centre to get one.

Only relying on memory and intuition, I remembered the direction of the old town.

But along the way, there are not many tourists. Is Saint-Malo not attractive to tourists?

I began to wonder if I was lost.

I started thinking that the road seems to be endless, even if it is only a flat road.

After passing by a stone chair, I stopped and thought about the route.

I can’t get the answer at that moment, so I decided to ignore the doubts in my heart.

Going straight ahead, I could smell the fishy smell of seawater after a short walk and felt that the old town should be almost there.

Then I came to a pier full of oyster shells. And the city gate was behind the pier.

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