Keep doing it, Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France

Keep doing it

A mediocre talent can only become a genius through hard work.

Don’t be disappointed, just starting from the same place as most people.

As long as you work hard and persevere, you can beat half of the mediocrity.

Keep it on a little more, you will become a few % of success.

Photo@Le Mont-Saint-Michel France July 2014

On the trip to Le Mont-Saint-Michel, France, I set up the camera to shoot a scene without any pedestrians.

When I was focusing on the camera’s viewfinder, I hear the sound of a kid running.

The reflection image of a running kid showed up on the camera monitor. A kid was running towards my back!

Then I just waited for him to step forward and capture the perfect moment of him. (at least I think it’s perfect)