Release your time, Castell Coch, Wales

Release your time

Without mobile phones and video games, the family can also bask in the sun under the castle.

Put down the mobile phone and release your "busy" self.

Let yourself enjoy a simple time.

Photo@Castell Coch Wales July 2014

Castell Coch, on the outskirts of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is small and round in appearance. It is a cute castle.

After I walked around both the inside and outside of its wall, I sat in a chair in front of the castle. When I was enjoying every corner of the castle, I heard the laughing of the sisters playing on the grass in front of the castle’s main door.

Their mother just laid down on the root of the tree while their father followed later and dragged back the little daughter who was running backward.

Then the family rested on the roots of the tree under the sun. It is a very warm scene.

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