Travelonelism, Toledo, Spain


Travelonelism - 獨遊主義

There is no such term, at least I cannot find it. Travelonelism should be something like "Travel Alone".

Traveling alone actually is not a problem, but "alone" always gives a sense of "lonely".

But... do you really think that traveling alone is lonely?

If “alone” is a kind of uncomfortable, why are there so many people like solo travel?

As the word implies, "Travelonelism" is the combination of "Travel" and "lonely". The pronunciation is also similar. Why not be simple, just to separate the word "Travelonelism" into "Travel" with "one"?

"Travel with one" would be easily understood - Travel with the "one".

Then, what is the "one"?

Is the "person"? Is the "stuff"? Is the "view"? Is the "feeling"?

Is "me" or "the one"?

Everyone travels with their own aims.

"One" is the aim for travel, which is the stuff or the feeling they want to get.

Work duty, family, and the social standard always deform "me".

We have to "make friends" with different kinds of people.

"Me" becomes not the original "me". Travel gives a break to leave a while and to find the real "Me".

To meet "the oldest friend" in the deepest heart.

To talk, to know, and to laugh. And talk about the dream of the old time.

This is the principle meaning of "Travelonelism".